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Jerusalem Marathon





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Marathon - Jerusalem




Jerusalem Winner Marathon 2014



This marathon includes both competitive and amateur courses :
The complete marathon - 42 km
The half marathon - 21 km
The 10 km race.
The public race - 4.2 km
Racing for a Cause - 800 m

Full Marathon - 42.95 km

Starting Time - 7:00 AM

Starting Line - The intersection on Ruppin Blvd. between the Israeli Knesset and the Israel Museum. The race will be northwest‐bound.

Finish Line - The southern end of Sacher Park. Enter the finish funnel from the south, from Emek Hamatzleva (Valley of the Cross) and from the tunnel leading into the city.

The Course - The race begins on Ruppin Blvd. (at the intersection between the Knesset and the Museum), heads left towards the Hebrew University campus (circling the entire campus), Netanel Lorch St, turns right onto Rabin Blvd, then right onto Haim Hazaz Blvd, Tchernichovsky, Hapalmach, Hanassi, left onto Keren Hayesod, King George, right on Jaffa Rd., Zahal Square, left on Hazanchanim St., Haim Bar Lev Blvd., George Adam Smith, Lechi St., Martin Buber, Benjamin Mazar, back to Churchill, Bar Lev Blvd., George Adam Smith, Hatzanhanim St., Kariv, Jaffa Gate, the Armenian Patriarchate, Zion Gate, Hativat Yerushalaim,
David Remez, King David, Jabotinsky, Hanassi Blvd., Chopin, Duvnov, Gretz, Emek Refaim, Harakevet Rd., Bethlehem Rd., David Remez, Hebron Rd., left on Yanovski, make a u‐turn at the entrance to Armon Hanatziv, back to Yanovski, left onto Hebron Rd. until the Baram intersection, make another u‐turn back to Hebron Rd., left on Herzog, right on Nayot, right on Yehoshua Yavin, left on Emek Hamatzleva and to the finish line at Sacher Park.



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